5A level ANYdigitizing company

Now, the concept of ANYdigitizing is 5A level digitizing company:

Anytime – No matter what time;
Any logo – No matter which logo;
Anywhere – No matter where are you;
Any demand – No matter what requests;
Any way – No matter use what methods.

These days, our Developing & Strategy department have several meetings about the future of ANYdigitizing, the key point is about the best way to improve. We finally set up our guidelines that comes from the concept of positioning. In the fierce competition, lower prices always not be a good way to solve the problem, the only way is to highlight features. we will continue to stand on our customers’ point to think, offering the sew out, testing before delivery, keeping our promise of the turnaround time…

Hope under the mutual efforts, everything will be better and better. And when you see “ 5A”, you will be think of us.

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The peaking season of the embroidery & digitizing is coming, are you ready?

Traditionally speaking, since September back-to-school season, embroidery industry will gradually enter the peak season; Comparing with the “cold” summer, autumn is really “hot”.

We have been waiting for that time for few months, we are full of expectation, hope to hear from your good news.

At ANYdigitizing, we have dozens of experienced digitizers and professional customer service team to serve you. No matter how many Logos one day, we are full of confidence, to finish them on time as requests, with high quality.

Believe us, believe your choice!

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ANYdigitizing.com is your best choice for digitizing & embroidery

Our ANYdigitizing is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of ANYdigitizing . We do all kinds of logos for our customers from the worldwide, including the 3D foam, the applique, kinds of customized animal, lettering, and flower logos. We would do the logos following your specific requirement. Except that, we also export the caps, the embroidered patches & badges, woven labels to different countries.

We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide professional and good services for you!

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When embroidery logo meet the World Cup

For a person who love the football, no any other games can be more important than the world cup. Even though not all of us are real fans of any country team, we also can feel the enthusiasm of the world Cup. We can see many kinds of reports on the TV, newspaper, and internet, etc.

So how about the 2014 Brazil World Cup? Have you pay attention to it? Which country do you support?

No matter you are a football fans, no matter which country you support, what we love is the joy of the games, and the sportsmanship, right?

And in our embroidery field, there are also a lot of things refer to it. For instance, some customers ask us to do the logos about the World cup, the country logos, the logo of the world cup, the team jersey etc. It is really a hot and passionate summer. If you have any logo or jersey, shirts, something else need to do, please contact us freely, we are 24 hours here.

By the way, here to promote the activity of our country, if you guess right the country who can win the World Cup trophy, we will offer one embroidery logo (less than 10000 stitches) free for you.

Enjoy ourselves!

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Some introduction on embroidery machine

Embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. Hobbyists also machine embroider for personal sewing and craft projects.

Before computers were affordable, most embroidery was completed by punching designs on paper tape that then ran through an embroidery machine. One error could ruin an entire design, forcing the creator to start over.

In 1980, Wilcom introduced the first computer graphics embroidery design system to run on a minicomputer. These looms spanned several feet across and produced lace patches and large embroidery patterns. The sample head allowed embroiderers to avoid manually sewing the design sample and saved production time. This machine called Melco, absolutely, it became the first computerized embroidery machine marketed to home sewers.

Now in the modern society, there are a lot of embroidery machine brands were produced, such as the famous Tajima, Wilcom, Viking, Toyota, etc. The come out of these machines, greatly promoted the development of the textile industry. Now we have been benefit from that so much.

Maybe we should thank for this great era, in every field, every aspect 0f our life have so many convenience.

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Is hand embroidery popular now?

Hand embroidery refers to the way by hand, with needle and thread to design and manufacture the image on the fabric.

Hand embroidery is very popular in tens of years ago, now it is not so common like before, as the time and cost reason, it is replaced by the machine embroidery step by step. Owing to this, it make the hand embroidery more precious.

In the mechanical work today, spend a few months or several years to complete a manual embroidery need perseverance and patience.

A large hand embroidery artwork need to spend hundreds and thousands of workers. A real high levels hand embroiderer, they usually manage and coordinate each embroiderer to do different parts with definite threads, rather than sit down and embroiderby themselves.

That is why it is so expensive and precious.

The machine embroidery and hand embroidery, which one you like?

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Where does the time fly?

Where does the time fly?

When we were young, we never ask this kind of question. Why when we are getting older, we always want to ask ourselves, ask the world, where does the time fly?

When we go forward, we will not notice how the time flies; but when we recall the past, we will be aware of that obviously.

Where does the time fly?
The time fly to the wrinkles of our parents;

Where does the time fly?
The time fly to the white hair of our parents.

When we grow up, our parents get older and older;
When we get older and older, our children grow up.

That is the responsibility of the inheritance!

The bad news is time flies; the good news is your are the pilot.

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Introduction of custom embroidered patches

An embroidered patch is a piece of art which is created by using a fabric backing thread and some form of a needle. Embroidered patches can be attached with a pin or can be sewn on, but some of the more modern methods of attachment include both an iron-on and Velcro backing. The art of making embroidered patches is decades old but the introduction of new high speed, computerized machines have brought a once rare, time consuming art into mass production.

Style of the patches: Embroidered & custom Patches; Woven Patches; Dye Sublimation Patches; Chenille-patches.

Embroidered Patches:
Custom embroidered patches offer a high quality and lower cost alternative to direct embroidery. Military units, law enforcement, fire departments, security personnel, sports teams, clubs and businesses take great pride in how they and their identity are displayed. The custom embroidered patches we create will give you the professional look your organization and uniforms deserve.
The custom embroidered patches you receive will be produced using the highest quality threads, materials and workmanship. Our experience and quality will guarantee that your custom embroidered patches look new for many years to come.

Custom Patches:
The foundation of your custom embroidered patch begins with the design. Our experienced graphics team will work with your design or idea to create a high quality image that when sent to production floor will result in an incredibly attractive custom embroidered patches. Our graphics team can offer suggestions that will enhance the look of your design or logo if requested, such as the details.
Each customer is provided with a sew-out proof for review. We will be glad to revise the design as needed at no additional charge until it is exactly what finally hoped for. Your order will then be produced and delivered within 14 days.

Chenille-patches is a very popular and special patch, and it was made by felt and chenille. The chenille is different from the embroidery thread, it softer, and more comfortable. And as the different technique and fabric, the price will be a little higher than the custom patches.

Our Features:
1) Embroidery: iron-on, sew-on. stick-on, paper coating, or cloth applique.
2) Widely used as fashion accessories applied to apparels, garments, clothes, uniforms, pants and caps.
3) The embroidery are designed and manufactured with strict quality control to meet your highest level of requirements.

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ANYdigitizing is ready for the new 2014!

All my best valued customers & friends,

We all staff of ANYdigitizing hope all of you have a happy new year.

At the beginning of the New year, we are here to thanks for your support and patience in the past year. We hope to continue to serve you better in 2014, to do more top-quality logos for you.

It is very happy to be your partner, we cherish every chance you provided. If you have any plan on digitizing or any suggestion on our services, you can contact us freely, we certainly will strive to achieve your demands.

Your every satisfaction is very precious for us.

All best wishes for you!

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ANYdigitizing wish you Merry Christmas!

My Dear Friend,

The nice and happy holiday is coming, all staff of ANYdigitizing want to say “Merry Christmas!”

We thank you for all your business and trust.

It has been a pleasure helping you digitizing every logo for you, if it is perfect on your clothes, that is the happiest thing for us.

We look forward to serving you again in the new year. Wishing you a prosperous and wonderful 2014!

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